Red Tape

Growing Queensland’s economy means growing Queensland’s small businesses. Unfortunately, many of these businesses cannot capitalise on the vast opportunities afforded in the new global economy, or worse yet fail, due to the amount and complexity of red tape that they frequently must tackle.

Government’s over all three tiers know that reducing red tape is essential to the growth of businesses, no matter what size. Yet despite the efforts over the years, the bureaucracy and redundant regulation remains as one of the largest drains on the entrepreneurial energy that is required to boost the small business economy. 

At CCIQ we're committed to working with governments to ease the burden on businesses and ensure appropriate regulations are in place to protect our people, places and way of life. And that means working hard on your behalf to identify unnecessary duplication, ease endless bureaucratic processes and streamline the every day.

“Every week there is more and more paperwork and red tape. Not one government has reduced red tape, and there are double ups between the State and Federal Governments.” Survey respondent, Far North Queensland

After all, nobody goes into business for their love of form filling.