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Why your website is the best sales tool you have

Tuesday 28 November, 2017 | By: Lars Frederiksen

From payroll and rent to advertising expenses, there are many costs that come with operating a small business. Some are more important than others but one expense you should never try to downscale is building a professional and usable website. Read more.

Jobs a focus, but what did the parties focus on?

Friday 24 November, 2017 | By: Kate Whittle

Businesses are constantly frustrated by lost opportunities when they have difficulty recruiting appropriately skilled staff. Youth unemployment has also been a pressing issue for Queensland, with the youth unemployment rate remaining stubbornly high across Queensland’s regions. Read more.

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Red Tape Policy Comparison

Thursday 23 November, 2017 | By: Kate Whittle | Tags: State Election; Categories: election;

Growing Queensland’s economy means growing Queensland’s small businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses cannot capitalise on the vast opportunities afforded in the new global economy, or worse yet fail, due to the amount and complexity of red tape that they must frequently tackle.
Read more.

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Payroll Tax Policy Comparison

Wednesday 22 November, 2017 | By: Kate Whittle

Payroll tax is a direct tax on an employer for giving someone a job. Payroll tax is a tax on the fair go. It prevents young people entering the workforce, mature age workers gaining employment later in life, and acts unequivocally as an impediment to business growth. Read more.